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We hope our content will help you: 


Make Wise Purchasing Decisions 

Make the most out of your supplier relationships, spending and industrial real estate with these tips on efficient purchasing, inventory control and warehouse management. 

  • Your Complete Guide to Choosing Industrial Suppliers in Australia: Here is a comprehensive list of factors to consider and questions to ask when making this important decision for your business.
    • How many suppliers do you really need?
    • What are the qualities of a reliable supplier?
    • What are the most common challenges in maintaining good inventory?
    • How do you manage your inventory to avoid unplanned downtime
    • How do you deal with the price-vs-quality dilemma?
    • What are the benefits of having a buyer account?
  • Quick Guide to Economic Order Quantity (EOQ): Are you mastering this useful tool to find the ideal inventory levels that lead to cost savings and smoother operations?
    • What is economic order quantity (EOQ)?
    • The EOQ Formula + key considerations and benefits when using it
  • Fostering the Buyer-Supplier Relationship: Here are some of the advantages of having a buyer-supplier relationship that has stood the test of time.
  • Should More Retailers Crowdsource Last-Mile Deliveries: One of the main reasons this is becoming a trend is because the customer is not used to waiting long anymore.
  • NSW $1000 SafeWork Small Business Rebate Programme: If your business is in New South Wales, consider taking advantage of this state-administered programme to encourage sole traders and small businesses that have less than 50 employees to invest in workplace safety. Charities and not-for-profits can also apply.


Stay Safe and Compliant with Australian Safety Standards 

The importance of workplace safety (and compliance to relevant WHS laws) needs no further highlighting. For a quick refresher course, these articles are a good place to start: 


Stay Productive in Your Trade or Profession 

This collection of tips and how-to guides will help you unlock clever hacks, streamline workflows, and boost your on-the-job efficiency, especially if you're in maintenance and repairs.

For those doing machining jobs: 

For those working with abrasives:

For those working with adhesives:

For those working with belt-driven systems and electric motors: 

For those working with fasteners: 

For those working with lubricants: 

For those working with pumps:

For those who want cleaner, easier and safer welds: 

For those who want to make the most of their tools and devices: 


Keep Your Chores and Hobbies Interesting 

Level up your DIY game with these guides that are perfect for weekend warriors and passionate hobbyists looking to tackle projects with confidence: 


Help Your Peers by Sharing Your Experience and Expertise 

Let’s bring the “human” back in helping: 

  • Content Collaboration Programme: We’d love to get ideas on how we can collaborate with our patrons, partners and peers by sharing content that is useful to our community of industrial professionals.
  • Knowledge for Credit (upcoming programme): Do you have professional experience and examples – or even factual corrections to our articles – that you would like to share? Just keep it simple and respectful, like what these four gentlemen did here. Allow us to show appreciation by giving you some sort of incentive that you can spend at our online store. We’re still working on the mechanics, so stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter (if you haven’t already).

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