Tinker With These Items Using INOX MX Lubricants

Here is a short list of parts cleaning and lubrication ideas that you can do yourself using INOX lubricants.

(Taken from this post by Inox. Republished with permission. Edited for point of view, recency and relevance.)

We borrowed Inox's article to give you an idea for which tinkering jobs you can use their MX series of lubricants.  


  • When working with any electrical motors or fuel-powered engines, please follow all safety precautions. If you’ve never done something like this before, it’s best to seek further advice.  
  • Do not, under any circumstances, work on electrical equipment whilst still connected to a power source / plugged in. 
  • Most aerosol-dispensed lubricants are combustible/flammable, so proceed with caution (and don’t smoke while in the middle of the task). 
  • Be careful not to accidentally spray chemicals in the eyes, so it’s still advisable to wear eye protection


inox mx3Use the MX3 multi-purpose lubricant for basic tasks

Fishing reels: Pulling apart a fishing reel is fishing 101. You can use an MX3 to flush and clean out the salt corrosion. Remember to grease the gears with an MX6 before putting it back together. This way, you can get the most out of your rods and reels by giving them advanced protection from rust and saltwater. 

Beard trimmers: At some point, you’re going to get so frustrated with your old, jammed-up beard trimmer that you’ll want to pull it apart and dust out all that pesky hair inside. Luckily, these devices are simple and run on a basic electric motor. So, it’s a good starting point for people who don’t have much repair experience. Use an MX3FG injector bottle to lubricate the blades and help it run more smoothly. 

Hobby toys: Part of the hobby toy appeal is assembly, so you likely put this thing together in the first place and should know how to disassemble and rebuild it. Hobby toys like trains and cars will work much better when pulled apart and lubricated between all moving parts. 

Toasters: A toaster is a simple item that conducts electricity through coils of wire that become red hot. The only other primary mechanism is the spring-loaded pop-up tray. Coincidently, this will likely be what will need to be repaired first. INOX’s MX3 can help protect and lubricate a range of electrical items; just be cautious when using it around things that conduct extreme heat. 

inox mx3 fgBlenders: Like a fan, a blender is a rotating blade powered by an electric motor installed in the base. Because it has one function, it is straightforward to fix. If the blades are not working as well as you expect, coat the gears and mechanisms with an MX3FG (the food grade version) to get everything working again. 

BBQ grilles: You seldom need to pull these bad boys apart, but you can get rid of some squeaks and make the knobs turn smoothly with a spritz of some MX3FG. 

Bicycles: Strip it down to the parts (wheels, brake calipers, pedals, and cranks) and lubricate them with an MX3 to get your bike running smoother than ever. 


inox mx5Other MX lubricants for more demanding applications 

The MX5 Plus PTFE Lubricant Aerosol is specially formulated to handle high speed, high loads, constant friction and extreme pressure, so it is good to use in these types of applications. 
Common applications: 

  • Air compressors 
  • Power tools 
  • Whipper snippers 
  • Lawn mowers 
  • Boat motors 

inox mx4It’s also good for lubricating small moving parts in automotive applications, such as those on squeaky hinges (on the doors and pedals), latches (on the boot and bonnet) and suspension mounts.

For cleaning electrical contact points, plugs and terminals, there’s the MX4 Lanolin Lubricant Aerosol with an anti-corrosion, non-static and non-conductive formulation. It also comes in a non-pressurized spray bottle format

You can also clean the battery poles with the MX4. After you clean them well and clear off any deposits, it's best to apply an MX2 Battery Conditioner for optimal efficiency and longevity, and to keep them free of sulfates. 

inox mx2Important:

  • Do not spray them directly on finished surfaces, as they may cause discoloration and fading of the top coating. 
  • Do not spray them directly on rubber parts, such as those on bushing mounts, as it may damage the material (especially soft rubber compounds). 
  • Do not substitute them (or any other penetrating aerosol lubricants) for applications where grease is needed.

Speaking of which, some people are just not that willing to get their hands dirty when applying grease. If you’re that kind of person, you can instead use an MX8 spray grease aerosol to easily grease parts without a grease gun. 
inox mx8Common applications: 

  • Bearings 
  • Chains and sprockets (especially those on bicycles and motorcycles) 
  • Moving suspension joints with boots (eg. ball joints, CV joints) 

Parts that need greasing are often hard to reach, disassemble, dismantle and re-assemble, even for someone with amateur automotive knowledge. So, unless you are confident of your DIY mechanic skills, please proceed with extreme caution or, even better, just leave it to the pros.


When working near the brake assembly, be very careful not to spill lubricants onto the contact surface between the brake pads and the rotor disc. They’re the last parts on your car that you want to be greasy for obvious reasons -- the brakes will just slip and not work!!!  

  • If you want to clean them, use a brake cleaner like an MX11 Brake Cleaner instead. 
  • The MX11 can also be used to clean chains, but not lubricate them

For even more complex applications 

  • Aviation: According to INOX, there are strict rules on what you can do to your aircraft. For instance, Australian pilots can perform some maintenance tasks, but they must be a certified pilot to do work on your plane. We’ll just link to their article about what products can be used in the aviation industry. 
  • Agricultural machinery: INOX also has a range of products that are used in tractors and other agriculture equipment, but we’d rather point you to their article on the subject. 

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