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Paint aerosols are pressurized cans containing paints and coatings that are released in a fine spray. These spray paints are filled with a propellant gas, typically hydrofluorocarbons, that expands and forces the paint out through the nozzle when the valve is pressed. Once discharged into the atmosphere, the propellant gas further expands and atomizes the paint to an evenly dispersed fine mist. These paint aerosols may contain water-based or solvent-based paints and coatings and are available in different paint finishes.

Line marking paint are specialty paints designed to leave a permanent imprint in high-traffic areas. These paints generally have better dry film properties compared to regular paints to withstand demanding critical spaces in warehouses, carparks, production lines, and recreational areas. These marking paints are available in different colors suitable for various application requirements. 

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