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At AIMS Industrial, we’d love to get ideas on how we can collaborate with our patrons, partners and peers by sharing content that is useful to our community of industrial professionals.

Of course, we want to keep the topics relevant, simple and relatable for our readers and subscribers, who are mostly:  

  • Purchasing officers/managers from manufacturing companies in major industries (eg. fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals) 

  • Facilities and maintenance managers 

  • Small business owners 

  • Tradesmen 

  • DIY handymen and casual hobbyists 

We don’t have the largest readership in the industry. Nonetheless, the readers of our website and newsletter are highly engaged with our content, so we always make sure to give them only the most relevant information that they can actually use. 

Simple requirements

Your submission may qualify for publishing on our channels, provided: 

  • You are the rightful author/owner of the content, and it does not violate any copyright law. 

  • You do not expect us to give you compensation of any sort in return. 

  • There is no heavy branding and hard sell, although prudently-mentioned products and services are acceptable.

  • The content does not promote brands and products we do not carry.

  • The content does not promote our competitors.

  • The content does not contradict or interfere with our own marketing activities. 

  • The content has proper attribution of official sources of information. 

  • The content has permission to be published. 

  • The content is publishing-ready. 

  • The content is not plagiarized. 


Syndicated content

You may ask us to republish existing content from your website, provided: 

  • You give us the link to the original post for proper attribution and URL canonicalization. 

  • We reserve the right to apply the links on our version to merit our SEO efforts. 


What formats do we accept? 

Your content may be submitted to us in written, visual and motion format, such as: 

  • Articles, product announcements and news releases 

  • Research reports and white papers 

  • Illustrations and infographics 

  • Videos 



We don’t have by-lines in our blog, but we will discreetly mention you and/or your brand as the guest contributor of the published content. 


Simple conditions

By sending your submission, you give us the right: 

  • To review the content. 

  • To edit it for clarity, relevance and style. 

  • To optimise it for search engine visibility. 

  • To publish it on our channels. 


We reserve the right to reject any content republishing request for any reason. 

Interested in getting published? Please send your topic ideas or requests for re-publishing to