Why Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers Are Essential

Prevent a slip, stumble, or a fall while ascending or descending a ladder.

(Taken from Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces. Republished with permission. Edited for point of view, recency and relevance.)

Slips, trips, stumbles, tumbles and falls are the highest frequency safety risks in most industries and workplaces today.   

The severity of each possible hazard can depend on the industry, the situation and the person, but one small slip, stumble, trip, tumble or fall has the potential to cause a serious incident or injury or, in the worst-case scenario, even a fatality. These can lead to the possibility of legal liability, lost production time, and lengthy workplace absences. 

Businesses also have a duty of care for the well-being of their employees, contractors, visitors and customers, which could mean serious consequences if one of them were injured while ascending or descending a ladder in your workplace.

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Why do you need anti-slip ladder rung covers?

ladder rung coverNon-slip ladder rung covers are essential because they:  

  • Provide a greater surface area on the ladder rung for people to step on 
  • Provide a visual reference point for people, including people with a vision impairment, and make the rungs more visible to prevent a possible fall 
  • Support and protect the rung from unnecessary wear and tear or any possible impact damage, which extends the useful life of the ladder 
  • Provide a firm footing, keeping people safe from a slip, stumble or fall 
  • Mitigate any possible liability resulting from an accident if one does occur 
  • Provide a safer access for workers, contractors and visitors 
  • Reduce accidents, medical and insurance costs, lost productivity, and increases morale 
  • Deliver firm footed traction from the top to the bottom of the ladder   

For a variety of reasons, ladders can often become hazardous. Anti-slip ladder rung covers are an effective way to provide extra grip to the rungs where people tread most frequently.   

A half-round ladder rung cover just doesn’t provide enough non-slip surface area on the ladder rung. The heel of a person’s boot can catch lower on the rung cover which could almost turn a half round rung cover into a secondary trip hazard.  

Advance Anti-Slip non-slip ladder rung covers provide a full 270 degrees of slip protection, exactly where it is needed the most. Their performance has been tested in some of the world's toughest environments, including offshore drilling platforms, marine vessels, in greasy food processing facilities, dusty manufacturing plants, automotive refinishing operations, and power generation facilities.  

So, when it comes to health and safety, there should be no shortcuts. Which is why it is essential that an anti-slip hazard control measure is recommended throughout all locations, and in every facility.  

Installing Advance Anti-Slip non-slip ladder rung cover products will maximise pedestrian safety and prevent many of the incidents and injuries that hurt people, reduce productivity and increase costs. They are resistant to many chemicals, corrosion and fire, as well as the harsh abuse of boot traffic up and down the ladder.  

Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces is an Australian-owned manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of class-one metal-backed anti-slip ladder rung cover safety products.   

These durable non-slip rung covers resist corrosion and impacts, providing years of anti-slip protection in a variety of environments, from offshore drilling platforms to commercial applications. They are available in circular and square profiles to easily fit over existing ladder rungs.  

Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces’ non-slip products comply with national and international standards for quality, performance and safety.  

They are also backed by an extensive warranty. 

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