HamiltonJet Uses LOCTITE® In Their Ever-Reliable Waterjets

The pioneer in commercial waterjets depends on LOCTITE® adhesives to make its world-class waterjet propulsion systems durable for even the toughest applications.
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(Taken from this post by Loctite. Republished with permission. Edited for point of view, recency and relevance.) 

In the 1950s, New Zealand company HamiltonJet pioneered the first commercial waterjet and today remains a market leader for waterjets and vessel controls. 

HamiltonJet has installed over 70,000 waterjets into vessels worldwide, including offshore, pilot, rescue, fire, military, patrol, wind farm, fast ferry, fishing, aquaculture and recreational applications. 

The company’s products are manufactured at a modern plant with cutting-edge machining facilities and extensive testing and inspection procedures. Among the technologies used in manufacturing are a range of LOCTITE® products. 

Depending on the size of each waterjet, HamiltonJet has between 70 and 200 threaded fasteners on each one. During assembly, trained technicians apply a range of LOCTITE® adhesives to almost all of these threaded fasteners, giving HamiltonJet peace-of-mind that their waterjets will be reliable and durable in the field. 

In finding the best adhesive technologies for its needs, HamiltonJet has found a perfect partner in LOCTITE®, which not only provides the products but also the support and training to help HamiltonJet take the best advantage of the technology. 

Loctite supports customers like HamiltonJet with comprehensive ongoing technical support through initiatives like on-site training for correct use of LOCTITE® products.  

LOCTITE® can conduct a survey of maintenance operations and follow this up with a maintenance reliability workshop to focus on the particular solutions that could help the maintenance team achieve more efficiency and equip them with the knowledge and cutting-edge LOCTITE® tools to address whatever problems come along. 

Through the extensive use of LOCTITE®’s high performance adhesives, Hamiltonjet has peace of mind that its waterjets will be reliable and durable in the field. 

LOCTITE® products seen in the video: 

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