Easy Greasing with the Macnaught K29 Flexigun

Here are more reasons why this grease gun is a best-seller and what actual users say about it.

(Taken from Macnaught. Republished with permission. Edited for point of view, recency and relevance.)

Why choose the Macnaught K29 Flexigun?

This top-of-the-line grease gun is a favourite among users because of its many features and benefits:  

  • Built tough, it’s confidently backed by Macnaught’s 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Unique flexible hose that allows you to reach tight spaces and awkward angles with ease 
  • Delivers grease quickly and efficiently 
  • Strong, die-cast head and heavy gauge steel barrel for reliable durability and long service life 
  • Gun is constructed with a heavy-duty aluminium head and reinforced trigger for durability
  • Designed for true one-handed operation 
  • Can be converted to fit the Macnaught J3 grease pump 
  • Can fit 450-gram grease cartridges 
  • Bulk-fillable 
  • Built-in air bleed valve for easy priming 
  • Easy-to-use push-in handle 
  • Heavy-duty actuator 
  • Lockable follower and bleeder eliminates risk of air block for easy bleeding 
  • Service kits available 
  • Increased pressured can be produced by short strokes (low volume) or long strokes (high volume)  
  • Kits come with KY SUPERGRIP™ 3-jaw high pressure coupler* 
  • Fully repairable

*Comes bundled in the greasing kits 

The Macnaught catalogue (page 4) also states that the K29 has “superior performance through unique short stroke piston design that builds pressure up to 10,000 psi (68,900 kPa).” 

More features (page 14 of the international catalogue): 

macnaught flexigun

Built for versatility

The K29 Flexigun can be used with a wide range of lubricants, including: 

  • Standard grease 
  • Synthetic grease 
  • Semi-fluid lubricants 

That makes it the best choice of grease gun for use cases in these settings: 


Users swear by its durability

The Macnaught K29 Flexigun is built to last, but don’t take our word for it. 

Just ask them: 

(Taken from Macnaught’s Facebook post


People can’t stop talking about it on Google Reviews as well:

Here’s the Macnaught K29 Flexigun in action:

Shop for Macnaught K29 grease guns.

Here’s the variant designed for underground mining.

You can also buy the basic greasing kit, which comes with an additional KY SUPERGRIP™ coupler and a 450-gram grease cartridge.

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