CRC Brings Back the Joy of Maintenance

CRC Australia has just launched these specialty chemical products you can now buy at AIMS.

Maintenance activities always sound like a big chore, but not anymore. These products from CRC can make your tasks easier: 


CRC Auto AC Pro Cleaner 

You should always keep your car's air-conditioning system clean for maximum efficiency all year round. Now, you can do that more easily with the CRC Auto AC Pro Cleaner. 


  • Cleans and sanitizes vehicle air-conditioner without having to disassemble any major parts of the system – you just have to pop out the cabin filter to access the air inlet 
  • Thoroughly cleans with its foaming formulation 
  • Comes with a 45 cm hose applicator for easy application 
  • Kills mould and bacteria 
  • Eliminates odours and other unpleasant smells in the cabin 
  • Leaves long-lasting protection and a pleasant fragrance 

The CRC Auto AC Pro Cleaner is a cost-effective AC maintenance solution for both passenger and commercial vehicles. 

How to use the product: 

  1. Make sure the vehicle is parked in a properly ventilated area. 
  2. Pop the bonnet to help ventilate out the foam you will apply in step 7. 
  3. Make sure the engine and all electrical installations in the vehicle are switched off. 
  4. Remove the cabin air filters and other filter systems. 
  5. Shake the can well and attach the hose applicator / extension tube to the can nozzle. 
  6. Insert the extension tube about 30cm into the air inlet of the AC system. 
  7. Spray the product until the system is full of foam. During the complete operation and until total evaporation of the active foam, make sure the workspace is ventilated and the bonnet left open. 
  8. Leave it to work for at least 30 minutes (during this period, the foam will discharge through the AC drain). 
  9. Turn on the engine and let it idle for 10 to 20 minutes, with the heating and ventilation system set to maximum. 
  10. Make sure the evaporator is dry. 
  11. Replace the cabin air filter. 
  12. Don’t forget to close the bonnet. 

Important: This is a professional service product and should only be used by trained professionals. 

Buy the CRC Auto AC Pro Cleaner.


CRC Red Lithium Grease 

Red Lithium Grease is CRC’s heavy-duty, multi-purpose NLGI 2 grease. It is formulated with anti-oxidation, anti-rust and anti-wear additives, so you can be sure your equipment always performs at its peak. 


  • Withstands extreme pressure and temperature (effective from -35°C to +149°C) 
  • Offers a long-lasting lubricating protection 
  • Protects against rust and corrosion 
  • Resists sling-off  
  • Resists moisture, water and detergents, so it won’t wash out 
  • Stays in place, thanks to its high tackiness 
  • Long service life 

Some popular applications: 

  • Assembly plants 
  • Automotive 
  • Bearings 
  • Construction 
  • Drying ovens 
  • Electric motors 
  • Kilns 
  • Mining 
  • Metal production 
  • Off-road operations 
  • Pumps 
  • Reapers 
  • Water pumps 

Buy the CRC Red Lithium Grease.


CRC 5-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant with PermaStraw™ (New look)

new crc products 2022

Your favourite “toolkit in a can” got a new look in May 2022. 

What’s new: 

  • The 5-56 now comes with PermaStraw™ Dual-Action Spray System (one-piece actuator with two-way spray that ensures the straw stays in place) 
  • The Marine 66 is now the 5-56 Marine 


  • Restores smooth action by penetrating rust to get rid of squeaks and squeals without the need for disassembly 
  • Eliminates (and prevents) moisture in wet equipment 
  • Frees up components bonded by dirt and scale 
  • Lubricates contacts and joints to restore smooth action 
  • Protects metals against corrosion 
  • Minimises potential breakdowns caused by harsh environmental exposures such as high humidity

Buy the CRC 5-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant or the PermaStraw version.


AIMS' Note on Safe Use of Lubricants

  • Protective gear: Protect your skin and eyes! Wear chemical-resistant gloves to prevent skin irritation or absorption of chemicals. Safety glasses or goggles provide essential eye protection. Additionally, consider using a respirator if fumes are particularly strong or you are working for an extended period.
  • Labels and instructions: Before using any product, carefully read the instructions and safety warnings on the label. Follow the specific guidelines for usage, proper handling and disposal. Check for ‘use by’ dates.
  • Fire hazards: Many parts cleaners and lubricants are flammable. Keep them away from open flames, heat sources, and anything that could cause a spark. Store these products in a cool, dry location in their original containers, out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Environment: Choose less toxic and environmentally friendly options whenever possible. Make sure there are no open flames or anything that can ignite flammable substances. Dispose of used products and empty containers responsibly according to the instructions or your local hazardous waste guidelines.
  • Ventilation: When working with chemicals that release strong fumes, always work in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors or in an open area. If you are working indoors, make sure that the windows are open and consider using fans to increase airflow and disperse / vent out the fumes.

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