How to Use a Promo Code

  1. Upon checkout, under the "Order Summary" section on the right hand side, go to the "Discount" sub-section.
  2. Click on Add Discount.
  3. Enter your discount code in the field that appears.
  4. Click on Apply Discount.
    • If the discount code you entered is valid, the applied discount should appear under "Active discounts".
    • Please note that the discount is applied to the product "Subtotal" and not to the shipping charge.


Promo code not working?

  • Make sure it's valid. Check that you have entered the correct code and that it has not expired.

  • Make sure you have entered the code in the "Discount code" field, and not the "Voucher code" field.

  • Promo codes cannot be used in conjunction with other sales and promotions. If there are products in your cart that are marked down, the promo code will not be applied to those products. If there is a sitewide sale, the promo code will not work at all. In either instance, you may prefer to save your code, if possible, for another time.

  • Promo codes can only be used once. If you have already redeemed a specific promo code, you cannot redeem it again.