How to Pay Via Credit Card

  1. Upon checkout, make sure to fill in all the mandatory fields with your correct information.
  2. Under the "Payment details" section, select a credit card payment option:
    • American Express
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
  3. Make sure your credit card has sufficient balance to cover the transaction.
    • Otherwise, you will be alerted that "Your card has insufficient funds".
  4. Enter your credit card information:
    • 16-digit credit card number
    • Expiry/Validity date
    • CVC
  5. Click on Confirm & Process Order.

Note that, for security reasons, we never store your credit card details, so you'll have to enter them each time you pay for an order. 

For payments made by direct deposit or EFT, please email your order number to to confirm that the payment has been made.

Once your full payment is settled and confirmed, we will process your order.