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Power saws are machine-driven saws used to cut various materials such as wood, metals, plastics, and rocks. There are generally three varieties of power saws based on their blades, namely: rotating blade, reciprocating blade, and circulating blade. Some common examples of rotating blade saws include circular saws, miter saws, and table saws. They use circular blades with cutting teeth and are primarily used in woodworks. However, they can also be used in cutting plastics, aluminum, and steel depending on the cutting wheel being used. Reciprocating saws, on the other hand, pushes its blade forward and then pulls it backward at a rapid pace to create a sawing motion. They are commonly used in pruning trees and demolition and construction works. Circulating blade saws, also referred to as band saws, are power saws that move a continuous toothed band of metal through two wheels to create cutting power. They are commonly used in wood and metal workpieces.

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