Loctite Application Chart: Which Adhesive To Use For What Material and Surface

Refer to this chart to know which Loctite product to use with various materials and surfaces, from bricks and ceramics to vinyl and wood.
loctite application chart surface guide

You've probably been in a sticky situation where your glued workpieces keep falling off. They just won't bond, and you start to ask yourself some questions:

  • Am I bonding them wrong?
  • Am I using the right adhesive?
  • Should I use adhesive or glue?
  • Where's my adhesive user guide?

In most cases, you are very likely missing the most important thing in adhesive bonding – choosing the right adhesive. Yes, there is an appropriate glue for every material. No, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to bonding things together. 

Even “all-purpose” adhesives have limitations. They may be used for most materials, but the resulting adhesive bond integrity varies. Why? Because each substrate has different physical and chemical characteristics. And adhesives are formulated to match these characteristics to create a bond strength that matches the bonded materials themselves. 

With the wide range of material and surface combinations, it understandably begs the question ...


Which Loctite product should I use for what material/surface? loctite application chart  

Don’t be overwhelmed just yet. We’ve got you covered. If you're looking at Loctite adhesives, use this chart as a guide on which product you should get for your bonding needs. 

We sell a wide range of Loctite products for industrial and manufacturing applications.




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