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Burrs, also known as rotary files or burr cutters, are primarily used in removing burrs or small flakes of metals after a machining process. They are often attached in die grinders or rotary tools and are also used in shaping, engraving, carving, and grinding. They are commonly made from carbide steel that are strong and durable enough to penetrate hard metals, soft metals, and even nonmetallic materials such as plastics, wood, and acrylics. Carbide burr cutters normally come in two cuts: single cut and double cut, also called the diamond cut or cross cut. Single cut burrs have one spiral flute and are used in heavy stock removal. Diamond cut burrs or cross-cut burrs on the other hand have 2 spiral flutes crossing each other. They are used in medium to light stock removal, deburring, finishing, and cleaning. Carbide burrs are available in various shapes to meet different deburring tasks.

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