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Molytec is an Australian based company which was established in 1986 as a manufacturer and supplier of lubricants and chemicals to the industrial, transport, mining, steel and hardware industries. Molytec offers a vast range and variety of products, which include anti-seize compounds, silicone lubricants, specialty greases, zinc gal coatings, metal working lubricants, chain & cable lubes, electrical component & contact cleaner, penetrating & releasing fluids, molybdenum disulphide-based products, foodtec food grade anti-seize, red rubber grease, RTV silicones, threadlockers, retaining compounds, pipe & flange sealants.

Molytec Australia is also a distributor of Molyslip metal working lubricants, Proseal instant gasket makers and The Original Superglue Corp range of epoxys. Looking for Molyslip products, check out our range of Molyslip cutting lubricants.

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