10 Reasons To Buy B-Safe Self-Retracting Lanyards

Here’s why they’re better than your standard fall arrest lanyard.

(Taken from this post by Beaver Brands. Republished with permission. Edited for point of view, recency and relevance.)

self-retracting lanyardA retractable lanyard has a restoring spring that keeps the wire rope or webbing taut, which allows it to be activated immediately in case of a fall. 
You can use the B-Safe retractable lanyard when working on high buildings, bridges, roofs and other workplaces where there are fall hazards.  

You might consider choosing it over a standard shock-absorbing lanyard for the following reasons: 

  1. Weighing only 1.2 kg, it’s very lightweight and compact. 
  2. It gives you freedom of movement that is not possible with a longer shock absorber. Once it’s tied to an anchor point, you can move around easily to accomplish your task. 
  3. The energy absorber is contained within the compact unit, so the risk of trips and falls caused by the lanyard dragging next to the worker are minimised. 
  4. With a shorter “activation distance”, it reduces the risk of you hitting the ground or any obstructions at a lower level in the case of a fall. 
  5. With a maximum length of 2.5 metres, it gives extended reach and versatility when working at heights. 
  6. It’s manufactured in Australia. 
  7. It’s tested to AS/NZS 1891.3 standards. 
  8. It’s a cost-effective and versatile anchoring system. 
  9. It has a built-in webbing guide, encased within the tough impact-resistant cover, that prevents twisting. 
  10. It comes complete with two twist lock karabiners, making it safer compared to screw-type karabiners. 

Important: The safe working load limit of the B-Safe Self-Retracting Lanyard is one person up to 100 kgs, and it must be connected to a full body harness and a reliable anchor point rated to at least 15 kN. 

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AIMS’ Note on Buying Industrial Supplies

  • Breadth and depth of brands and categories: Go with a supplier that offers a wide range of reputable brands across multiple categories and sub-categories.
  • Bulk purchase discounts: For large orders, check if you can take advantage of volume leverage. Some suppliers offer business accounts* that give you access to special pricing (volume discounts), preferential support and even credit eligibility (subject to supplier approval, terms and conditions).
  • Product and service information: Evaluate the completeness and usefulness of data in their online product listings. Prudent suppliers will include as much useful information as possible to help you assess and compare products. In terms of service info, the supplier’s FAQs (if any) will give you a good idea of their standard policies*, processes and commitments.
  • Promotions: Check for ongoing promotional campaigns so you can get the best prices. Many suppliers run regular discount-based promos. Some can point you to government-hosted rebate programmes like the SafeWork NSW $1000 Small Business Rebate.
  • Safety compliance: Make sure the product in question meets Australian safety standards and regulations, especially if there are relevant compliance requirements or work health and safety (WHS) laws that apply to your business or state. Look for relevant certifications and markings where necessary.
  • Supplier reliability: Choose reputable suppliers with a proven track record of delivering quality products and reliable customer service.
  • Warranty and support: Check warranty terms and after-sales support* options, as this can be crucial in case of product defects or performance issues.
  • Lead time and availability: Confirm product availability and estimated delivery times to avoid delays in your projects.
  • Returns: Familiarise yourself with the suppliers returns and exchange policy in case you receive incorrect or damaged items.
  • Delivery: Clarify delivery terms, including estimated delivery times, shipping costs and who handles insurance during transit (where applicable).

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