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V-Belt Pulleys, also known as Vee Belt Sheaves, transmit rotation from two shafts using a V-belt. The groove, or grooves, in the circumference of V-Belt Pulleys match the V shaped cross section of a V-belt. This geometric match prevents slippage and misalignment, at the same time increase the traction and torque. V belt pulleys are ideal for high-speed power transmission like blowers, pumps and engines.

Buy Aluminium Pulleys online, 100% Australian made and designed. Aluminium Pulleys are available in single and double groove type for use with A, B, C & M section V Belts. Pulleys come in 3 designs: Pilot Bored, Bored and Keyed, or Taper Lock Pulleys. AIMS Industrial Supplies is one of the top V Belt Pulley suppliers in Australia.

** Generic pulleys fully stocked. Stenco pulleys on clearance, limited stock available. **