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Hex bolts and nuts comprise a hexagon-shaped head bolt and a corresponding hex nut that is threaded in its shank. Hex bolts are the industry standard for fasteners. They are inserted in pre-drilled holes in the materials to be fastened and the nut is threaded on the shank using a spanner to secure the materials. Hex bolts and nuts are used in various applications that need fastening of wood, steel, and other materials for construction, automobile, and manufacturing industries among others. Grade 8 steel bolts are typically used in high-stress applications such as pumps and motors. Grade 8.8 steel bolts are known as a structural grade, while grade 5 steel bolts are hardened and commonly used in automotive applications. Alternatively, grade 4.6 are commercial grade and grade 2 steel bolts are used in low-stress applications. These hex bolts are available in different sizes and lengths.

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