Fasteners Black Book 1st Edition (with Thread Pitch Identification Gauge)

The Ultimate Technical Fastener Resource Book

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  • A Technical Fastener Resource Book which contains up-to-date, useful information within over 240 matt-laminated, greaseproof pages. 
  • Has easy-to-read and convenient user-friendly format.
  • Whether you are a designer, engineer or someone looking to understand fasteners better, the Fastener Black Book is an invaluable tool for apprentices, trainees, tradesmen machinists, machine shops, tool rooms, technical colleges, fabricators and sheet metal workers.
  • Available in the following languages: English and Espanol (South American Spanish)

248 pages of:

  • Screw thread fundamentals
  • Standards
  • Thread classes
  • Thread terminology
  • Grades
  • Heat treatment
  • Materials and coating
  • Failures corrosion
  • Fastener strengths markings
  • Tolerances
  • Material Selection
  • Hydrogen embrittlement
  • Screw thread profiles
  • Dimensional specifications DIN/ISO/ANSI
  • Galling
  • Torque control
  • Platings
  • Elevated temperature effects

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Fastner Black Book

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