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CRC SmartWasher OzzyMat FL-4 Multi-Layer Filter
  • OzzyMat is designed to introduce microbes called Ozzy’s into the SmartWasher System.
  • The FL-4 Multi-Layer OzzyMat – The Recommended Filter 
  • The OzzyMat helps reduce excess clogging during its 30 days or 1-month use.
  • It must be placed on the mat support white side up.
  • It must be changed monthly to help keep the microbe colony healthy and keep your SmartWasher working at peak performance.
  • OzzyMat FL-4 has 4 white layers and 1 blue layer.
    • The white layers on the mat trap any particulate larger than 50 microns and should be peeled at least once a week for optimum performance.
    • The blue layer is the support structure that contains the microbes and delivers them into the system. These microbes migrate from the OzzyMat into the Ozzy Juice located in your SmartWasher tank and break down organic waste.


  • Recommended for normal to heavy parts cleaning applications


  • AIMS SKU A0167961
  • Brand CRC
  • Model Number FL-4
  • Barcode Number 649123001367
  • Type Multi-Layer Filter
SKU: A0167961

CRC Smartwasher OzzyMat FL-4 Multi-Layer Filter

CRC SmartWasher OzzyMat FL-4 Multi-Layer Filter

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