1.5L Handheld Pressure Sprayer Biba

GDM Professional Professional Hand-Held Pressure Sprayer

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Technical Information

  • Spray Height: 400 cm
  • Spray Length: 800 cm
  • Jet Angle: 60 degrees
  • Maximum Capacity: 1.5 Liter
  • Net Capacity: 1.3 Liter
  • Leverage Capacity: 42 cc
  • Volume Flow Rate: 470 cc/min @ 3 bar
  • Pressure: 2 bar

Product Features

  • It has free flow opening lever which stops the delivery when released
  • The pressure is easily obtained with a few pumps of the shaft
  • Includes a valve that keeps the pressure for a long time
  • Replaceable and adjustable nozzle
  • Provided with a safety lever
  • Steel shaft and stainless steel springs
  • Spare parts and seal kits are available


GDM Professional

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