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Crack Repair Epoxy Sealer (123)

  • Epoxy primer-sealer for crack repair material.
  • A solventless, low viscosity epoxy sealer and crack repair material that is designed with a convenient mixing ratio.


  • Primer for porous concrete, impregnation of honeycombed concrete, and repairing cracked concrete.


  • Bonds to damp surfaces.
  • Low viscosity aids penetration.
  • Capillary action for crack sealing.
  • Easy mix ratio.


  • AIMS SKU A0124400
  • Brand Epirez
  • Model Number E901238
  • Type Crack Repair Epoxy Sealer
  • Size (ml) 300
SKU: A0124400

Epirez® Crack Repair Epoxy Sealer (123) 300ml

Crack Repair Epoxy Sealer (123)

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Great product

"Great product - wish I had mixed half the product as the product set in the container faster than it did in the crack. Hence I was not able to top up the crack. Half was thrown out."


Excellent Crack Repair

"I used Epirez 123 to strengthen a garage floor. Prior to the Epirez 123 being applied, I had used a Self-levelling Polymer-enhance-concrete (PEC) to prepare a large garage floor space. The PEC suffered cracking due to shrinkage and I wanted to enhance the strength of the PEC substrate prior to applying the final Epoxy floor coating. This is where Epirez 123 comes to the rescue. It was reassuringly expensive, very very viscous, usefully slow at hardening (24hrs) and seems to be an extremely strong adhesive. Even the finest of hairline cracks 'sucked' up the Epirez 123 via capillary action when applied to a horizontal floor via gravity only. The cracks converted to a dark epoxy-filled colour. Tapping around the cracks before the application and then again after the application had cured showed a noticeably more 'solid' sound after the application - evidence that the substrate had been structurally enhanced with the Epirez 123 having been 'sucked' into the imperfections and solidifying. I am now confident to apply the final coat to the substrate satisfied that I won't have to revisit this project further down the track and satisfied that the Epirez 123 has mitigated much of the issues that could have occured due to the less than satisfactory PEC application this time. Thanks Epirez 123."


Delivery of EPIREZ 300mi

"Item arrived in good condition, on time and as described."


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