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AdBlue™ is the European trademark for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). AdBlue is a non-toxic, colourless substance that is intended to work alongside a recently developed technology called Selective Catalytic Reduction. AdBlue’s injection into a vehicle’s exhaust occurs before harmful substances like nitrogen oxide are expelled from the exhaust. Once the AdBlue is injected, the exhaust emissions will consist only of Nitrogen and water vapour: natural gases that pose no environmental risk.

It is crucial that only pumps specifically designed for the dispensing of DEF/AdBlue™ are used with the fluid. There are a large range of alternative AdBlue™ pumps to select from. Depending upon your requirement there are both complete AdBlue™ dispensing kits that come complete with nozzle, hose and flow meter and also individual replacement AdBlue™ pumps. AIMS Industrial is an official distributor of Adblue™ products.