Why Choose A Macnaught Retracta Poly Reel?

The Retracta range takes hose reel durability to a new level.
retracta hose reels

(Taken from Macnaught. Republished with permission. Edited for point of view, recency and relevance.) 

For decades, the Retracta brand has built an enviable reputation worldwide for performance and reliability. Through this, and with a long history of innovation and design, Macnaught has developed an industry leading range of industrial strength retractable hose reels.


Why choose a Retracta poly reel? 

These polypropylene retractable hose reels are special because they are: 

  • Backed by a Macnaught warranty, supported by Australians locally 
  • Fully serviceable 
  • Made with a wear-resistant Pro-Glide mouth 
  • Specifically designed and engineered for the most demanding industrial applications and environments. 
  • Wrapped in a UV-stable, impact-resistant case to withstand tough conditions 
  • Proudly made in Australia 

Included in the Retracta range are poly hose reels with Macnaught’s breakthrough Retracta Adjustable Control System (RACRÒ), which gives the user true control by allowing him to set the speed of return (of the hose). This innovation has been designed to provide essential safety for personnel and equipment.

Also available is the Retracta FLEX range that features an innovative hybrid polymer that allows for ultimate flexibility and kink resistance when under pressure. 

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