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AIMS Industrial Supplies is an authorised supplier of wet and dry sandpaper, abrasive paper, sandpaper for wood, sandpaper for metal, sandpaper for varnish, sandpaper for paint. Wide range of sizes and grit grade available. AIMS delivers Australia-wide.


Backing Description Application examples
A –paper approx. 95 g/m² profile + surface grinding (hand)
B –paper approx. 105 g/m² profile + surface grinding (hand)
C –paper approx. 110 g/m² surface grinding (hand)
D –paper approx. 130 g/m² surface grinding (hand and machine)
E – paper approx. 250 g/m² surface grinding (machine)
F –paper approx. 300 g/m² surface grinding (machine)

Hole Patterns

Klingspor offers a wide range of products with hole patterns for dust extraction. The hole pattern you require depends on the machine you are using.

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