Macnaught Flow Meters Now Available at AIMS

We are now an official distributor of Macnaught positive displacement (PD) flow meters.
macnaught flow meters

When it comes to flow meters, you won’t go wrong with Macnaught, the name brand in the field of flow engineering, with a dominant position in the global flow meter market. 

Their M Series flow meters use ever-reliable, oval gears that are known to give accurate readings with great consistency. Most importantly, they are safe to use in a wide range of industrial applications. 

Common industry use cases: 

  • Manufacturing of food, beverage, cosmetics, paints and other chemicals 
  • Oil, gas and petroleum 
  • Water and wastewater treatment 
  • Pulp, paper and printing 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Shipbuilding 
  • Automotive 
  • Textiles 
  • Mining 

Common applications: 

  • Fuel consumption kits 
  • Bulk fuel transfer 
  • Batching 
  • Dosing 

The advantages of M Series flow meters: 

  • High accuracy and repeatability 
  • Suitable for viscous fluids 
  • Exceptional turn-down ratio / rangeability 
  • Easy installation and maintenance 
  • Can be easily installed in modules 
  • No pipe conditioning required 
  • Extension adapters are available 

The M Series flow meters are available with mechanical or digital LCD displays. 

Most importantly, you can buy with confidence in the quality of these flow meters since they are proudly made in Australia. 

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