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SKF Radial Shaft Seal (CR Seal) HMSA10 V - FKM

  • Radial shaft seals for general industrial applications,radial shaft seals sit between rotating and stationary components, or two components in relative motion.
  • They have two main parts, one is a cylindrical outer covering with an interference fit that seals statically against the housing bore.
  • The second, a sealing lip, seals dynamically and statically against the shaft.
  • Its sealing edge presses against the counterface surface of the shaft with a defined radial load.
  • With Auxiliary Lip, Fluoro rubber.
  • Auxiliary Lip: Non-Contacting.

About Applications and Operating Conditions (HMS5 and HMSA10)

  • HMS5 and HMSA10 seals are designed for oil or grease lubricated applications with operating temperatures ranging from –40 to +100°C (–40 to +210°F), short-term up to 120°C (250°F).
  • These seals are also appropriate for sealing lubricants within a wide range of viscosities.
  • Circumferential Speed: up to 14 m/s (2 755 ft/min).
  • Operating Pressure Max: 0.03 MPa (5psi).
  • These values are the maximum value for each service condition and should not occur together.
  • Consideration should be given as to how the operating conditions affect each other.

About Design SKF Radial Shaft Seal (HMS5 and HMSA10 Seals)

  • The rubber outside diameter provides the optimized sealing ability in the housing, also at considerable surface roughness or in split housings.
  • The beads on the outside diameter provide improved sealing ability and retention in the bore.
  • They also prevent spring-back during installation.
  • The spring-loaded sealing lip contributes to a quick response in handling dynamic runout and maintaining the sealing performance, even when sealing lip wear is excessive.
  • The sealing lip and flex section are optimally balanced to withstand both high dynamic runout and shaft-to-bore misalignment.
  • The auxiliary lip on HMSA10 seals is non-contacting, which means that the seals normally can operate at the same speeds as the single-lip HMS5 seals.

About Fluorocarbon Rubber (FKM) - SKF Duralife

  • This SKF-developed fluorocarbon rubber compound offers excellent resistance to wear, chemicals, UV light, and ozone.
  • SKF Duralife has been developed by SKF and is characterized by its very good wear, thermal and chemical resistance.
  • Its resistance to weather and ageing from UV light and ozone is also very good and its gas permeability is very slight.
  • SKF Duralife has exceptional properties even under harsh environmental conditions and can withstand operating temperatures ranging from –20 to +200°C (–5 to +390°F).
  • In applications with low dynamic runout, the temperature range can be extended down to –40 °C (–40°F).
  • SKF also offers special low-temperature fluoro rubber compounds on request.
  • SKF Duralife is also resistant to oils and hydraulic fluids, fuels and lubricants, mineral acids and aliphatics, as well as aromatic hydrocarbons that would cause many other seal materials to fail.
  • Seals made of SKF Duralife can also tolerate dry running of the lip for short periods.
  • The seals should not be used in the presence of esters, ethers, ketones, certain amines and hot anhydrous hydro-fluorides.
  • Because of the compound’s valuable properties, SKF manufactures seals with sealing lips made of SKF Duralife for all common shaft diameters.


  • AIMS SKU A0161768
  • Brand SKF
  • Model Number 72*90*10 HMSA10 V
  • Shaft Diameter - d1 (mm) 72
  • Permissible Operating Temp Short Periods Max (°C) 200°C
  • Shaft Speed Max. (r/min) 7740
  • Seal Designation With Auxiliary Lip, Fluoro rubber
  • Type of Outside Diameter Rubber Metal Reinforced
  • Sealing Lip Technology SKF Edge
  • Seal Width - b (mm) 10
  • Pressure Differential (n/mm²) 0.03
  • Operating Temperature Max. (°C) 200°C
  • Auxiliary Lip Non-Contacting
  • Lip Material Fluoro Rubber (FKM)
  • Material Code V
  • Housing Bore Diameter - D (mm) 90
  • Shaft Surface Speed Max. (m/s) 29.28
  • Operating Temperature Min. (°C) -20°C
  • Compliance with Standard ISO 6194, DIN 3760
  • Seal Design Code HMSA10
  • Desisgn Outside Diameter Configuration Rubber
  • Type Shaft Seal
SKU: A0161768

SKF Radial Shaft Seal HMSA10 V 72 x 90 x 10mm Fluoro Rubber (FKM)

SKF Radial Shaft Seal (CR Seal) HMSA10 V - FKM


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