Calibration Services Now Available At AIMS

You can now keep your gauges and measuring equipment accurate with us.
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There’s no point having measuring devices if they aren’t measuring correctly!  

We now have a top quality partner* to ensure they are always giving you accurate readings. 

Calibration services are available for: 

  • Additional anvils for micrometers 
  • Backflow test kits 
  • Bore gauges 
  • Centrifuges (RPM) 
  • Conductivity meters 
  • Depth gauges (mechanical and digital) 
  • Dial gauges (mechanical and digital) 
  • External micrometers 
  • Height gauges 
  • Internal micrometers 
  • Metal detectors 
  • Portable and bench-type pH meters (for industrial and wastewater applications) 
  • Pressure gauges 
  • Pressure transducers 
  • Tachometers 
  • Temperature enclosures 
  • Thermometers 
  • Tyre inflation gauges 
  • Vacuum gauges 
  • Vernier calipers 

More information: 

  • A certificate will be provided courtesy of our calibration service provider.* 
  • Please expect a lead time of one to two weeks. 
  • Freight charged is for Return Postage from AIMS Industrial. 

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*Services and certification are provided by Go Calibration on behalf of AIMS Industrial 

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